Stop Here

Stop Here is a app designed and built for Metro Trains Melbourne that uses GPS location tracking to help guide commuters to their destination.

Specifically designed to help people with visual or audio impairment needs, Stop Here provide real-time location, station and journey tracking to their destination.

Local push notifications trigger to inform the user when they are approaching their destination stop and stations prior to their destination.

Stop Here

Keep track of your journeys

Stop Here

Designed for accessibility
Real-time trip progress with the app in the foreground or background.

Stop Here

Stop Here Circle 1

Identify exactly where you are in your journey

Stop Here Circle 2

Setup destination stations for arriving and arrival alerts

Stop Here Circle 3

Quickly find what your closest station is and how far away it is

Stop Here Circle 4

Control when you want your GPS location tracking on

Stop Here 4

Available on iOS and Android