Rubyfishers wanted


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If we had to sum up what makes a Rubyfisher tick, we reckon it would boil down to: “Execute”. That’s what we do and that’s what we are on the lookout for – fellow people that know how to execute meticulously with any of the following:


If the word “unchained” or “Tarantino” don’t immediately pop into your head upon seeing that word, then read on! Django is our weapon of choice for developing web applications. We are after people that can get down and groovy with it to help turn out scalable, extensible and secure web application products for our clients.


We know, we know… “Not another WordPress site” they groan. Don’t worry, we build our WordPress sites with a heavy side order of flair, creativity and innovation. That means we like people that know how to create or heavily modify a WordPress template to meet our needs. We are talking Mad-Max style meld three cars into one monster war machine style modifications here, so you really need to know your PHP and WordPress APIs inside out.

iOS & Android

Smartphones need smart programmers! Like our websites, our apps are beautifully crafted works of art that need that special someone to help make them come alive. Smooth animations, slick transition effects and the odd sound effect. You know what we are talking about.

Font-end Web

Nobody cares about how good the engine is under the hood – it’s all about the chrome and the paintwork! Our websites and web applications need people that can help magically turn our Photoshop designs into responsive, standards compliant CSS and HTML. If you can make it come to life with some amazing JQuery or backbone.js scripting skills that would be the cherry on top.

Sound like you? Don’t care about having a corner office? (Unless you live in a corner apartment – in which case knock yourself out). We work from home; collaborate using the internet and caffeine; pick our own hours; and above all, know how to Get Shit Done. Want to be part of the team? Get in touch with us.